a love of flowers

I love flowers! Our lives mimic theirs with birth, opening, fulfilment, beauty and death.

My daughter gave me a beautiful bunch for Mothers Day. I met the florist half way to our gate as he delivered mid morning on Sunday. How amazing is that! What a wonderful gift.

I have watched them change all week and am sharing some moments with you.




Oh……. the scent that invaded the cottage was delightful!










I couldn’t pick a favourite. Thank you for my week of flowers Shae.




May beauty abound in your life.

Thank you ‘Powers that Be’ ….for flowers!



I love gates. You can always open a new one to head down another path. Gates have been one of my favourite finds on Pintrest. All shapes, sizes and combinations of materials. Some expensive and others made from bits and pieces of materials at hand. All allowing the visitor to enter into another world……or so I’d like to think!


How beautiful are these!

I have put gates in to keep the dogs safe and determine my front and back yards. Simply constructed from metal and wood. I will use the posts to support Wisteria for a beautiful display in Spring. I must say I have a Native Potato Vine claiming them at present and flowering happily.


I have added another set of gates too thanks to Mick. The local ‘Buy and Sell’ pages produced an old pair of sheep sorting gates. Already lichen covered, they just needed a little rain. I am happy with the opposing gates on each side reminding me that sheep were caught between them for various jobs to be done.

Today’s equivalent……like the old ones better and they have lasted this long!

sheep catch gate

How many hands young and fresh, old and wise have worked these gates?

Just counting sheep to drop off tonight.




Toothache and ‘I Must’ becomes ‘I am’!

To begin, my inspiration to write this morning has come from spending the night with a toothache. I had forgotten how these things hurt, and I am even unsure of which one it is, so my mouth has a good dab of clove oil, which I’m sure tastes that bad, that you are supposed to forget the toothache! No, it is well and truly still there and of course it is Sunday with a holiday on Monday! Secondly, I have been wanting to write again and, looking back through previous posts to take my mind off the tooth, brought back fond memories, so here goes. For all those grammar specialists out there, please forgive me, I’m in more pain than usual!

I have moved again. If you know me, that’s not unusual. This time it was out of necessity. I could no longer look after my ‘nearly three acres on the hillside’. It was all getting too much for me to watch grow each day. Fortunately, by chance I found a very good estate agent, and the property was sold in weeks of it going on the market. I would recommend ‘Ann’ at ‘Zeb Reality’ to anyone with an unusual property to sell on! I am now back in Maleny and bought this cottage the morning after it went on the market. Such is buying in Maleny, especially if you are looking in a price bracket. After a couple of hiccups, I’m in and it’s now three months down the track give or take a few days.

There is quite a bit to be fixed and a new paint job coming but I have already been out in  the garden, which of course, is the most important task. I am very grateful for the help given me in this great love of mine. To put this cottage on the market, the owner, who had not lived here for years, cleared every plant in the yard save the fruit trees and massive Liquid Ambers in the front. The gardens were covered in the mulch from the process and thus followed the worms. Unfortunately there were, and still are, so many seeds of weeds sprouting daily! It will be a long task getting on top of them so I have decided to ‘over plant’ as you do up here on the range. The soil is volcanic and slightly clayey with wet weather, but grows anything in abundance and loves mulch. I will try not to give the weeds a chance to poke through. So, for this post a few before and now pics of my cottage.

The toothache is a little better and I’ve overdosed on clove oil! Off to a dentist in Brisbane this afternoon. Yes one hour away, but worth it!




Back garden and fruit trees.


Front garden and old pond and fountain area filled in with leaves.


Water tank 2 to the rear of cottage with Sheena’s Gold.



Side steps to verandah. The roots of the Duranta Sheena’s Gold were well into the water tank so had to go.



Fence up for dogs.


Hedge gone and lavender planted to attract some bees.



Side garden near steps underway!


Fairy garden and fountain. The frog was left on the property in the water course out in the front garden.


Back porch…herbs and tomatoes.


Front of cottage.


Front again.

These were taken on a phone and a little out of focus. There are still plants to go in, much tidying to do (it looked much tidier when I moved in) and muses to add of course, but I’m off to the dentist in Brisbane!

I would really like to keep posting so I have a story happening of this new home. Lets see how I go………


it has been too long

It has been far too long since I last wrote. I have been far from idle, but have found sitting down to put fingers to keys unnecessary. I don’t sit easily for any length of time and that doesn’t encourage me, and there has been so much to see and do at my own slower pace of life. Much water has travelled under the bridge and I, over a few!

‘Balance’. I have read much lately about the need for ‘balance’ in our lives. Say the word ‘balance’ and you will feel the rocking to and fro as the word settles keenly in the ethers. An old cliche I know, but it has a new flavour for me. The body performs at optimum strength and is able to heal itself if we provide a balanced environment and balanced state of mind. So what does balance mean to you, or better still, for you. I haven’t time to think about it you say……..well one day you will be required to find time…….. perhaps before time finds you. Begin by walking outside with bare feet and balance on the surface of this amazing planet, spinning at an incredible pace around the sun.

home and bedspread 088








half becomes whole

Find the balance at the beginning of a new day!

home and bedspread 092

home and bedspread 116

home and bedspread 120

home and bedspread 122

home and bedspread 123

home and bedspread 125

home and bedspread 126

home and bedspread 128

Sunrise at Yamba in northern New South Wales.


spring morning in the garden

Love the mornings after a 12 degree night …….. and warming to a 25 degree day. I took a wander into the garden this morning just to spot a few of the flutterbys that have been hovering over the new blossoms. We have an abundance of insects this spring and I’m sure this will be followed by an abundance of chewed foliage. One has to see the good in this! This will be a great season for the birds! They keep me amused each morning by squabbling with each other over who owns the fruit on the fig next to my deck………more time spent eating and less time vying my feathered friends.


Step off the steps….well I haven’t quite decided what to call the rocks that lead to the deck other than ‘watch where you put your feet’…… and you meet purple. Love these little fellas! I do not profess to know the names of the plants in my garden and I am happy with that!


Then on to the next…..you don’t mess with this fellow, though he is showing ‘mower messing’. I had no idea he would get this large so quickly! I do apologise profusely to him for the odd nudge.

garden spring 004                 Flax is always at home in a large garden.              garden spring 005

Then on down the drive to some more purple and green.

garden spring 007

garden spring 017

How delicate, and had to fight off the native bees to take this one.                      garden spring 016

Then another giant or two to avoid getting friendly with. I love these structural plants.

garden spring 022  garden spring 013  garden spring 027 Now just ‘wait- a- while’!

On to the wood lost in the blow earlier this year, seasoning for next Winter, and the first flowers of my eucalyptus. Oh yes, my poles add colour to the garden too. This one tells a story of the first travellers to this garden.

garden spring 009  garden spring 033   garden spring 031garden spring 036 Umbrellas for the fairies that reside under the old fig tree.

garden spring 043

garden spring 045spring garden 009garden spring 054garden spring 057garden spring 058garden spring 055garden spring 048 garden spring 065 garden spring 068 garden spring 063 garden spring 052garden spring 051  On Guard!

What can I say. Spring mornings are beautiful in my garden. Enjoy your garden too this Spring – every moment in every day you have to walk bare feet on the earth.

Love Mirri

spring evenings

The morning breeze that hints of warmer days to come touches the valley floor below and the climbs to the top of our ridgeline. The days bring warm earth smells and feet covered with dew and mowed lawn clippings. This year I have added a few annuals to rock faces and they are beginning to show. The days are longer because I am waking with the sun earlier and I love that! Sometimes the fog is still heavy in the valley at 8 and I have even noticed  low cloud misting the ridge line after sunset.

But it is sunset I want to reveal today.


Today a good friend underwent an operation to fix damages from a serious accident where life could have been forgotten. I passed time during the day doing the daily chores all of which seem somewhat mundane where someone’sImage

life is concerned. The day did not flow as well as usual but I expect some preparation was being done by the universe in other places as it flowed very well in that operating theatre.


I spent the approaching evening sitting on my deck overlooking the world as I know it. Wondering too how that good friend was doing after his six hour op to restore his good looks! Now, I believe, looking like a beardless Samurai Warrior.

Watching the sunset always brings much gratitude for the life I live here and never fails to amaze. God’s colour palate is endless and this

world is a beautiful place.Bundy 007

Bundy 020

Bundy 027

It was late into the night before I heard everything had progressed well and a sleepy voice confirmed Life is good and meant for living.

Blessings go to all who give their time to ensure we have a chance to live it!.Bundy 011

Much love and happiness……….and a sunset or two!


time and mindfulness

I am worrying…well not exactly worry, more like I haven’t sat down to blog in quite some time and I need to talk to someone if not myself!… Perhaps there is someone out there who does read and enjoy my ramblings. That’s the thing about linear time: we created it and now we have to live with it skipping past at an unstoppable rate. Or do we?

Every moment in every day is yours, so what ever your doing make it count for you. Each new task deserves a few deep breaths just to quieten the mind and set the body in motion on something new that it hasn’t done before. As many times as we laboriously begin an action, we can celebrate in that action being completely new and different from the last time we did it. No two are ever exactly the same. Take a few breaths and dwell in what you are doing. At the completion, take another few breaths and dwell upon what has been achieved. And yes, as mundane as it may seem, you have had the opportunity to do it again, and I bet you will be grateful if you are here tomorrow to do the same.Image

Do the same with the not so mundane, the exciting, the completely new, the challenge, the next time you get or give a hug! Take a few breaths and live the time you have given to the experience. You will never have exactly the same again. Such is the progress of time! Breathe through the happy and the sad moments and know the next will not be the same as the last. You Image

have the opportunity to do something new. You have the opportunity to create your life.

at home


I am an devoted reader of a few ‘homely’ blogs and love the ideas they bring to my email inbox. Get a life you say! Believe me I do that too but it is not a ‘commercial’ type of life any more. To begin, I don’t need a lot, but I can remember the time when I thought I did. I am a believer in upcycling because I have visited a variety of Tip Shops and found that a lot of people throw things away even before they are used……..the old….. see that …..must have……what did I buy that for…..perhaps I can hide it in the bin. Fashion dictates so much in our lives. Watch television and you will be sure you won’t get that item on sale unless you sleep out the night before in front of the shop door. And if you’re not first in the door, then it’s an anxiety attack happening finding the isle, grab the product if you’re not offered a bigger, brighter and more expensive item, and to the checkout! Put that in the car and then you can have a look around for something you may have missed. Older and wiser I guess but I am finding so much joy in simple things. It’s great to read the blogs of young people who are beginning their life the simple way and are living the dream of a good one.

That said, my Aunt recently went into care at the age of ninety. I spent several days with family members cleaning in preparation for the sale of her home. Sad to see a little home full of memories and treasures kept for so long only to be emptied best way we could. Fortunately a cousin contacted the Lions club and, as it was just after the floods, much of the furniture that had been recovered or restored several times in her lifetime, went off to a needy home out near Gatton. The salvation Army took on the bulging wardrobes and the rest went off to an Op Shop locally. Hopefully, despite their age, they will be re-purposed and ‘make their buyers day’. Have you been in an Op Shop lately? Check out the number of customers being nicely spoken to as opposed to the ‘new’ shop next door. It’s quite a social occasion, especially if you’re like me and a regular face!

I managed to collect a few pieces from Aunt’s treasures because I didn’t want to see everything go, I do like to re-purpose, and they provide something to pass on in her memory. I have been  a collector of old crockery pieces for some time and I shall have to sit with my daughter one day in front of the boxes. Yes they are still packed from the last move. My daughter has a rule…. bless her….if its not used in a year then out it goes! Hmmm we shall see what happens.

This lovely set of soft pink and gold parfait glasses were made in Italy. What a find in Aunt’s cupboard!


There were two more sets of similar glasses with the maker’s tags still on the base. How fine and delicate, etched with pastel shades. I can see why she didn’t use them, they, kept for that ‘special occasion’.


Then there is the family jardiniere that belonged to Great, great Grandmother. I have a plant in it now but it is delightful filled with roses from the garden. The odd chip or crack reflecting a lifetime of pleasure.


This vase sits atop my meat safe find, along with an old cream jug showing the cracks of time. The jug has felt the plumpness of real cream straight from the cows, supplying many a cuppa or piece of apple pie.




These two sweet dishes are full of joy and sure to be used. I am a fan these days of ‘mix and match’. Much mixing and not so much matching.Gives character to the table setting and I don’t stress about things not quite being ‘perfect’.

‘Perfect’ after all is in the eye of the beholder! What have you found to be just perfect?


Love Mirri

watch the sun rise!

Too early you say! You have got to be kidding, me, up before I need to get up on a day off. The sun comes up every day and for most days of the week, now that it’s Winter, I’m up before the sun. And you want me to get up to look at the first rays of light reaching my face.

Well yes I would have been with you tucked up in bed, enjoying the warmth of the feather quilt except for one day last week. You see I have a good friend, who, in their wisdom, has taught me one of the most ‘wonder full’ (that’s not a spelling mistake) moments of the day is sunrise. I have seen many sun risings, out in the paddock behind the house, with the morning mists rising to reveal the odd fox scampering home late with a tasty morsel. Taking rugs off ponies that delight in snorting misty breath into the fine air. And when it’s raining, I have begged the sun to appear between the clouds giving me some idea of what cover I should leave on them for the day to come. You know what it’s like going to work without your jumper!


I am such a softie and they see me coming.

Back to that sunrise. You see I was visiting a friend in northern New South Wales and on this morn I was woken abruptly and hustled outside with one arm stuck in the armhole of an oversized warm coat, my trusty camera thrust in my hand. ‘You’ll love the experience, nothing can come near the sunrise here.  I ‘ve spent so many mornings just waiting and it never fails to amaze. Go on and I’ll bring you a coffee.”

‘That would be nice.’ I added, and without time to contemplate my journey, I was down the steps, across the road and on to the beach.  I might add I was so excited…make that asleep…that I managed to misplace the lens cap of the camera. I say ‘misplace’ because its probably hiding in the grass waiting for my next early morning.


This is what I saw. Words can’t describe the incredible beauty I was privileged to be breathe in. Not a soul in sight, everything perfect on Mother Earth waiting for dawn, and God in heaven!


Just my footprints…..or was I being carried!

Then it happened.






My coffee came. Mmmmm warm! HOLD IT PLEASE!




And that was just the beginning of one day of my life. What will tomorrow bring?Image

Take a moment of your time……walk outside before sunrise….take yourself and your family to the beach for brekkie in the first rays of the morning…walk the dog….play….capture the moment……..


in your heart! FEEL THE WARMTH!