Toothache and ‘I Must’ becomes ‘I am’!

To begin, my inspiration to write this morning has come from spending the night with a toothache. I had forgotten how these things hurt, and I am even unsure of which one it is, so my mouth has a good dab of clove oil, which I’m sure tastes that bad, that you are supposed to forget the toothache! No, it is well and truly still there and of course it is Sunday with a holiday on Monday! Secondly, I have been wanting to write again and, looking back through previous posts to take my mind off the tooth, brought back fond memories, so here goes. For all those grammar specialists out there, please forgive me, I’m in more pain than usual!

I have moved again. If you know me, that’s not unusual. This time it was out of necessity. I could no longer look after my ‘nearly three acres on the hillside’. It was all getting too much for me to watch grow each day. Fortunately, by chance I found a very good estate agent, and the property was sold in weeks of it going on the market. I would recommend ‘Ann’ at ‘Zeb Reality’ to anyone with an unusual property to sell on! I am now back in Maleny and bought this cottage the morning after it went on the market. Such is buying in Maleny, especially if you are looking in a price bracket. After a couple of hiccups, I’m in and it’s now three months down the track give or take a few days.

There is quite a bit to be fixed and a new paint job coming but I have already been out in  the garden, which of course, is the most important task. I am very grateful for the help given me in this great love of mine. To put this cottage on the market, the owner, who had not lived here for years, cleared every plant in the yard save the fruit trees and massive Liquid Ambers in the front. The gardens were covered in the mulch from the process and thus followed the worms. Unfortunately there were, and still are, so many seeds of weeds sprouting daily! It will be a long task getting on top of them so I have decided to ‘over plant’ as you do up here on the range. The soil is volcanic and slightly clayey with wet weather, but grows anything in abundance and loves mulch. I will try not to give the weeds a chance to poke through. So, for this post a few before and now pics of my cottage.

The toothache is a little better and I’ve overdosed on clove oil! Off to a dentist in Brisbane this afternoon. Yes one hour away, but worth it!




Back garden and fruit trees.


Front garden and old pond and fountain area filled in with leaves.


Water tank 2 to the rear of cottage with Sheena’s Gold.



Side steps to verandah. The roots of the Duranta Sheena’s Gold were well into the water tank so had to go.



Fence up for dogs.


Hedge gone and lavender planted to attract some bees.



Side garden near steps underway!


Fairy garden and fountain. The frog was left on the property in the water course out in the front garden.


Back porch…herbs and tomatoes.


Front of cottage.


Front again.

These were taken on a phone and a little out of focus. There are still plants to go in, much tidying to do (it looked much tidier when I moved in) and muses to add of course, but I’m off to the dentist in Brisbane!

I would really like to keep posting so I have a story happening of this new home. Lets see how I go………



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