I love gates. You can always open a new one to head down another path. Gates have been one of my favourite finds on Pintrest. All shapes, sizes and combinations of materials. Some expensive and others made from bits and pieces of materials at hand. All allowing the visitor to enter into another world……or so I’d like to think!


How beautiful are these!

I have put gates in to keep the dogs safe and determine my front and back yards. Simply constructed from metal and wood. I will use the posts to support Wisteria for a beautiful display in Spring. I must say I have a Native Potato Vine claiming them at present and flowering happily.


I have added another set of gates too thanks to Mick. The local ‘Buy and Sell’ pages produced an old pair of sheep sorting gates. Already lichen covered, they just needed a little rain. I am happy with the opposing gates on each side reminding me that sheep were caught between them for various jobs to be done.

Today’s equivalent……like the old ones better and they have lasted this long!

sheep catch gate

How many hands young and fresh, old and wise have worked these gates?

Just counting sheep to drop off tonight.





4 thoughts on “gates

  1. Hi there Mary Lou….was thinking about you the other day and had a Googling moment….found you! Glad to see you are ok and enjoying life on the range. Your home on the range looks delightful! Was hoping to catch a glimpse of the doggies somewhere….we just have grand dogs now. Chris has a cheeky mini black poodle Charlie and Ceri has a Moodle called Sequin. Caitlin has a mini schnauzer , Ricky, up in Mackay so we don’t get him for doggie day care! Just so pleased to see you are doing well…..Jan


    • Often wonder how you are going Jan and was thinking of you recently too. So good to hear from you. I have a grand dog too….Gracie a blue Staffy. I think that’s about it. Lee is in Port Stephens working as a computer systems/electrical engineer and Shae is a photographer in Canberra. Two ends of the stick so to speak, however both love what they do. I have had a few ups and downs over the last few years but life is always good, especially in the garden. How are you two going. Have you been up to anything interesting? Great to hear from you. Marilyn


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