a love of flowers

I love flowers! Our lives mimic theirs with birth, opening, fulfilment, beauty and death.

My daughter gave me a beautiful bunch for Mothers Day. I met the florist half way to our gate as he delivered mid morning on Sunday. How amazing is that! What a wonderful gift.

I have watched them change all week and am sharing some moments with you.




Oh……. the scent that invaded the cottage was delightful!










I couldn’t pick a favourite. Thank you for my week of flowers Shae.




May beauty abound in your life.

Thank you ‘Powers that Be’ ….for flowers!



4 thoughts on “a love of flowers

  1. Beautiful flowers chosen by S for you! Hope some are still viable a week down the track! Ceri gave me flowers ….in yellow hues to brighten the kitchen. Have always loved flowers…can remember poking poppies through the metal grid in the top of a yellow vase when I was about two…..a l-o-n-g time ago now but it is a precious memory of my Dad’s love of gardening. He did embarrass me though in middle childhood in Cairns when he grew vegetables in the front garden instead of flowers! Flowers were not eaten back then!

    This time next week we shall be on the way up the Qld coast on board the Dawn Princess heading to PNG . Not quite as exciting as our 64 day sojourn on the Ocean Princess around South America at the beginning of the year , but hopefully will be just as memorable.

    Yesterday we got the keys for our Maroochydore townhouse getaway in Duporth Avenue. It is in the same complex as Chris’s “fishing lodge” so Chris and Ian can kayak out for fish and crabs together in the early morning on the beautiful Maroochy River. I have an old photo of myself aged about one with Dad (in his army shirt from Bougainville war times) as I splash in the same river . I will frame it for the wall up there.

    One day we will catch up in person, M! Maybe after we have been to Melbourne in July to sell our house down there. Sad, but we don’t need it now Ceri is back in Brisbane.



    • We shall have to catch up Jan. Yes we had veg in the front garden too. Great to have your kids back up here, though I would have loved living in Melbourne. Where were you? The cruise sounds wonderful. I don’t think you would get me on a boat for that long. I prefer dry land under my feet. I am hoping to buy an investment property but it will be through my Super…not quite sure where yet. I am pleased with this little cottage and enjoy being Mrs Fix-it! Not far from Maroochydore so keep in touch. xo


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